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 Yuma Branch Office

Toll Free: (866) 995-8067
Fax: (308) 995-8411

  311 S. Main  |  Yuma, CO 80759

Attention Customers: Please send all paperwork & checks to the Holdrege office.

Dan Kendrick and Josh Holt


Dan Kendrick - Program Representative

Dan grew up on a family farm near Brush, Colorado and is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Ag Business. Upon graduating he worked in Ag and commercial lending for 14 years. He has been involved in marketing and risk management for over 5 years now. Dan’s background in production agriculture and lending have provided a solid ability to recognize and understand risk for his customers. He really enjoys helping farmers manage their risk and protect their operation and equity that they have worked so hard to acquire.

Josh Holt - Hedge Broker/Cash Advisor

Josh grew up on the family grain and cow-calf operation north of Loomis, NE, and is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Animal Science.  He has experience working for producers in Nebraska, Colorado, and Florida, in both grain and cattle operations.   He enjoys meeting farmers and hearing about their operations, and looks forward to helping them manage their risk by adhering to a solid marketing plan tailored to their unique needs.