Livestock Revenue Protection
Protecting, not predicting, livestock prices has never been more important.  Meat prices continue to make very violent moves both up and down.  Whether you are a cow/calf producer, finish feeder or a farrow-to-finish hog operation, your risk within the livestock production side of your operation continues to increase year over year.    You have never had more invested, or more at risk, than you do today involving livestock.

It all starts with your costs.   Similar to our grain programs, knowing your cost beforehand is crucial to starting your plan.   Each operation is different with many variables that contribute to each buy and sell decision.  Knowing your costs in between the two transactions is the key.  As a client of AgWest, you and your broker will calculate what works best for your livestock operation.  This process works the best starting well in front of your livestock being on the ground.  This can also assist in your purchasing decisions and helps determine what number and at what weight in and out best serves your operation.

Once the costs are determined, AgWest uses the same price risk management tools and philosophy we do in the grains to reduce your operation’s livestock price exposure.   This process is completed for your livestock numbers on feed today as well as future expectations and livestock goals.  At each step, your broker is there to help assist, educate and consult with you about your livestock plan.

Size doesn’t matter.  If you’re a grain farmer raising a small number of head to help diversify your grain operation or your operation is solely dedicated to livestock with thousands on feed, AgWest can help.   AgWest works for you and assists in helping you meet your livestock goals.