Hedging in the current commodity market environment has become
a very difficult activity for most producers.  
WHY?  Because most producers try to outguess the markets.
The dynamic, ever-changing markets have left in their wake many well-intended hedgers who are frustrated, emotionally drained, and often un-hedged. It has been our goal to develop a simple approach and method to
hedging which does not try to outguess the market. The CORE Plan provides the hedger with a:
Your Preparation
For many producers, the CORE Plan concepts will represent a radical change in marketing philosophy.  Most of us have been speculators in the grain markets all our lives and the belief that we need to have a strong opinion as to market direction is deeply ingrained. Two basic principles are necessary for a successful
transition to the CORE marketing theory:
Our Commitment To You
As you work on believing that no one really has the inside track on the markets, we will be working the program on your behalf and we pledge to you the following: